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Liver Health Supplement: To Keep Your Liver Healthy While Drinking


The Liver

The liver is a body organ that helps people complete blood flow throughout the body. It is one of the most critical parts of the organ system as it ensures the blood flowing around the body is purified and fleshed out from all toxins. If this is not done, impure and toxin-filled blood will gather around the system and can cause many complications. 

The human body acts like a machine. It requires all its components to be set down correctly for smooth functioning. If one part fails to do its job properly, there can be a lot of damage and bad situations which can harm the individual. The liver has to balance, nutrient, and metabolize the food into particular forms, which make it easier for the body to digest. 

The functions of the liver can be classified into:

  • Production of bile, which involves carrying waste away and breaking down the fats in the small intestine during the digestion process.
  • The making of proteins for blood plasma, where cells are absent.
  • It makes cholesterol and other essential proteins that help the liver carry fats through your entire system.
  • Regulates blood levels of your amino acids. 
  • Processes hemoglobin, which involves your blood levels, for iron content, as the liver fulfills the job of storing iron)
  • Making sure that the blood is clear of harmful drugs and other poisonous substances
  • Ensures that blood clotting stays regulated.

Drinking & The Liver

Alcohol is a type of drink that can negatively impact the liver. It has properties and components which can damage the liver’s functioning. A study done in 2019 by the National Survey of Drug Use and Health showed that nearly 15 million people 12 and older had alcohol use disorder. This causes a lot of damage to the body’s system. Those who drink heavily over long periods of time experience a lot of infections and diseases, which make their liver function less and drop in quality. 

Types Of Diseases

There are a few diseases that occur when faced with heavy drinking. The liver suffers from the following:

  • Fatty Liver (Steatosis): 

This is one of the most common liver diseases. This happens when large amounts of alcohol reside in the liver. As a result, an extensive build-up of fats accumulates within the liver, impacting its functioning. It disables most of the liver’s cells from working properly, which can alter the overall liver’s health by cleansing the blood to flow through the body. In turn, this can cause severe scarring of the liver.

  • Alcoholic hepatitis: 

Alcohol hepatitis consists of a condition where there is inflammation in the liver. When this happens, the inflammation then leads to scarring of the liver. This scarring is permanent and can cause lots of complications in your long-term health. In this scenario, your liver’s cells die and cannot recuperate at all. It is possible that you may not even experience symptoms of alcoholic hepatitis at first. When you cannot identify the signs, you may be unaware of the condition during the initial period. 

  • Alcohol cirrhosis:

This condition allows the liver cells to be destroyed by the adverse effects of alcohol. The fat and inflammation of the liver caused by steatosis can lead to scarring. This usually occurs when the scarring is too severe. Usually, scar tissue damages healthy cells and replaces damaged cells, negatively impacting the liver’s state. This is a dangerous situation as it allows the liver to fail to work ultimately. Liver failure can be lethal and fatal, becoming a life-threatening condition. 

How To Keep Liver Healthy While Drinking

There can be some measures that you can take to avoid getting your liver damaged by excessive drinking. It is advised to drink moderately to prevent the issue entirely. Your liver allows smooth blood in your body, so taking care of your organs is vital. You can opt to use some solutions which help you lessen the negative impacts your liver has gotten. Here are a few:

Khepric’s Egyptian Black Seed Oil with Elderberry Syrup:

Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine,” called the elder tree his “medicine chest.” The properties in elderberries are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that directly boost your immune system. They help with inflammation, lessen stress, and maximize heart health. Overall, the syrup works to prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms. Understanding how these components help you with your drinking habits and liver health is essential. 

However, when it comes to keeping your liver healthy from extra damage due to alcohol, you can use Khepric’s special syrup. This particular product helps with kidney and liver detoxing. Detoxing will enable the harmful effects of the alcohol to disperse from your system, leaving it free from damage. 

Supplements for Liver Health :

One of the crucial aspects of the liver’s functioning is maintaining a healthy level of blood sugar in your body. Your liver helps your system by supplying glucose to your blood when needed. It can also perform the opposite and remove glucose from the body when there is too much in your bloodstream. 

Khepric uses natural herbs such as yellow dock, dandelion root, Chlorella, and many more to support liver function and health. The Yellow Dock and Dandelion Root components give you the ability to have smoother digestion, while the Chlorella helps you to fight off damaging substances from your liver and body. 


In conclusion, we can understand that the liver is one of the most critical aspects of your organ system. Excessive and long-term drinking problems can have irreversible effects, ultimately damaging your body. Therefore, by incorporating Khepric’s syrup and supplements, you can lessen the damage done and prevent other infections from your liver. 

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